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Bole Capital Launched Internship Programme Enlightening Youth Entrepreneurship


(21 September 2020, Hong Kong) Bole Capital Group Limited (“Bole Capital” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), is glad to introduce the “2020 Start You Up Entrepreneurial Internship Programme”. This programme aims to provide undergraduates with all-rounded skills training especially for those who would like to become an entrepreneur, as a corollary, promoting the local entrepreneurial atmosphere and enlightening different startup companies in the meantime.

“2020 Start You Up Entrepreneurial Internship Programme” is on target to nurture talents to put their entrepreneurial spirit into practice. Considering the global pandemic of COVID-19, not only do several start-ups have to be agile and adaptive to survive and grow, but they also have to seek for various financial channels to maintain their business development. This internship programme provides an enhancement opportunity for undergraduate students without prior work experience to gain advanced industry knowledge and practical experience in the workplace.

Mr. YANG Jun, Director of Bole Capital Group Limited concluded, “Looking forward to the future, youth people are our future pillars in Hong Kong. The economic status has been hit severely by the recent social events, coupled with the outbreak of COVID-19 that has lasted for more than half a year. Going through the hard times, the youth may feel anxious and encounter difficulties in entering the workplace. While we are developing into a project investment institution, we will take up more social responsibilities and play as an initiator, contributing to the Hong Kong innovative technology evolution."

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