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Bole Capital Completed Its First Investment Project on Hong Kong Carful


(9 October 2020, Hong Kong) – A leading project investment institution in Hong Kong, Bole Capital Group Limited (“Bole Capital”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce the completion of its first investment in a Hong Kong start-up company. The start-up that received the capital injection was Hong Kong Carful (Group) Limited ("Hong Kong Carful"). This strategic alliance will significantly accelerate the pace of the Group’s business growth in Hong Kong.

Bole Capital is pleased to have closed an HKD$ 5 Million injection in Hong Kong Carful. Hong Kong Carful will be spending 30% of the net proceeds from this fundraising on building smart car rental platform applications, while the remaining no more than 70% will be used as working capital and for other general corporate purposes.

Hong Kong Carful, a leading car rental service provider, was established in 2020. There are more than 1,000 cars available for leasing, mainly European cars. Hong Kong Carful having adequate knowledge on the car rental market together with its rich management experience, it is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive one-stop car rental service with efficiency.

Mr. LI Sheung Kwan, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Carful (Group) Limited said, "Bole Capital has invested in Internet-related projects with institutions in the Philippines, Taiwan and other places. The Group has vast investment experience, coupled with its strong and experienced team in Hong Kong. In the future, we hope to work closely with Bole Capital, while our company will develop into one of the world's leading car rental service providers."

Since its official establishment, Bole Capital has received more than 1,000 investment queries and is currently evaluating other potential investment projects. In the future, the Group will focus on investing and supporting the development of innovative and technology startups. Primarily, the Group aims that the development projects can help reform or promote the development of Hong Kong’s Internet-related industry.

Mr. YANG Jun, Director of Bole Capital Group Limited, concluded, "Looking ahead, the Internet industry will continue to develop. We are confident that Hong Kong Carful will seize the opportunity to continue to develop and achieve breakthroughs. With this capital injection, the synergy between the capital market and business development will be fully utilized. We believe that it will provide strong financial support for Hong Kong Carful's strategic development, accelerate our development pace and help us further develop and establish a strong image. The Group will continue to explore and invest in more promising and competitive start-ups to promote synergies and inject fresh impetus into the Hong Kong start-up market."

Mr. YANG Jun (First from the left), Director of Bole Capital Group Limited, invested HK $5 million strategically in Hong Kong Carful (Group) Limited.

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