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“2020 Start You Up Entrepreneurial Internship Programme”Concluded Successfully Fostering the Youth


(30 November 2020, Hong Kong) Bole Capital Group Limited (“Bole Capital” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) launched the “2020 Start You Up Entrepreneurial Internship Programme” in the first year, hoping the undergraduates who would like to become an entrepreneur to experience the real-life work experience beforehand and get ready for the future. Four undergraduate students participated in this programme which lasted for three months and comes to a successful end today.

The three-month “2020 Start You Up Entrepreneurial Internship Programme” offers internship opportunities for the participants. The training can enable the interns to get an overview of the Hong Kong innovation technology industry and understand the business development of Bole Capital.

The HKBU PRA student Cheung Yin Yan said, “By participating in this internship programme, I can experience different works domains, including business data analytics, brand strategy planning, and event preparation and the rest. This programme broadened my horizon and learnt from the actual business operation mode and trend of business. The practical experience I have accumulated enables me to combine the knowledge I have learned with practice and improve my weakness. This programme helps me to move more clearly towards my goal and strengthen my confidence in the workplace.”

Mr. YANG Jun, Director of Bole Capital Group Limited concluded, “I am so grateful and gratified that the internship programme has come to a successful end. I believe that students have gained knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurship market and industry and can apply what they have learned in the future. This programme enables them to equip themselves well, increase their confidence, and get a clear direction on future pathways. No matter there is any obstacles or barriers, I am sure that they can overcome it and fight for the future of Hong Kong. While we are developing into a project investment institution, we will continue to shoulder more social responsibilities and play as an conductor to contribute to the Hong Kong innovative technology evolution."

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